Digilol / (ˈdɪdʒɪˌlɔːl) /, short for Digital LOL, is a collective of system administrators and software developers that take application performance and cyber security very seriously, therefore we are laughing at our competitors.

We provide managed hosting, consultation, software development, reverse engineering and penetration testing services. Do you have a specific service in mind? Not a problem, we can deploy just about anything on just about everything.

Accepted payment methods: Bank transfer and Monero.

The things we specialize in:

  1. Containerization

    Creating fast and minimal, multi-architecture Docker images, while following best practices.

  2. Speed and SEO Optimization

    We can speed up your web services and improve SEO performance, utilizing HTTP/3, well placed HTTP Cache-Control headers and customized Varnish Cache deployment.

  3. Software Development and Crypto Integration

    Backend (mostly in Go and C languages) and frontend development. Cryptocurrency payment integration (especially Monero).