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2024 Rebrand β€” Drastic Transition to Vue.js ​

New year at Digilol started with a complete redesign of our website.

From vanilla HTML glued together by Hugo to VitePress/Vue.js/shiny-new-thing rendered with Bun runtime ⚑.

Collage displaying our UI/brand changes

Now that is what I call an upgrade!

We got a new logo and a brand book designed by VOSTO EMISIO. The new design compliments our dynamics.

Now it is much easier to send us inquiries through our contact form, use in-site search and toggle between themes πŸŒ™.

Contact form and direct contact details side by side

For the record this is what our old website looked like. It was simple, without JavaScript, and included multiple translations.

Our old website screenshot showing text and old logo

See you in more front-end projects πŸ‘‹.